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1- 2 November 2019 10AM - 7pm

CYC Made To Measure @ Fullerton Hotel

About the event

Bespoke eyewear

Singapore: CYC Made to Measure partners with The Business of Bespoke for a special VVIP event with the presentation of its first-ever bespoke eyewear event in Singapore.

This event will feature handcrafted bespoke eyewear by Modest Narcissus – Singapore’s first bespoke eyewear label 

During this 2-day event, customers can also consult with and be personally assessed by Modest Narcissus’s top eyewear designers from Korea who will be present to measure, fit and provide styling tips.

An eyewear-making demonstration by a craftsman will also be showcased.

Duration: Fri 1/11 to Sat 2/11
Location: Level 1, CYC Made To Measure at Fullerton Hotel

Event RSVP and bookings of personal fitting sessions by clicking here

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By Korea's top eyewear designers

Modest Narcissus is a bespoke eyewear brand with custom-design frames as well as trend-setting and classic eyewear designs that can be fully customised and personalised.

Every pair of bespoke glasses is handmade by one of Korea’s top eyewear design & production teams with decades of experience– from pattern drawing, cutting, shaving, polishing, hinging and attaching of all parts. Created specially just for you after a consultation, measurement & fitting session with our trained staff, you can be sure that your pair will be unique and truly comfortable like no other!

Manufactured in Korea’s highest quality eyeglass workshop, Modest Narcissus eyewear are made with acetate, stainless steel, full titanium or exotic materials including  jade, wood & buffalo horn from Italy, Japan and Korea.

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